Wholly Guacamole Winners Announced

Hey Zooppers!

We’re proud to announce the winners of the Wholly Guacamole contest.

Wholly Guacamole had this to say about the first and second place video:

It really embodies what it means to be a guac snob vs a guac star.
We loved the original music and the humor.

Guac Squawk was a close second. Again, we loved the humor and the joke about HPP.

What’s HPP? Watch the video to find out!

1st Place ($3,000): Set me Free

2nd Place ($1,500): Guac Squak

3rd Place ($700): National Dip Championship

4th Place ($500): Guac Snobbery

5th Place ($500): Blind Taste Test

6th Place ($500): Kung Fu Couple

7th Place ($500): The Perfect Guac

8th Place ($500): Wholly Guacamole Flip vs Chip

Voting Awards:

1st Place ($1,000): The Wholly Judgement

2nd Place ($400): Silent Movie

3rd Place ($300): Luis & Janette

4th Place ($200): All’s Well That Ends Well

5th Place ($100): Guac Squak (double win!)

6th Place ($100): Guac in a Box, Baby

7th Place ($100): Mamma Mia !!!

8th Place ($100): The Best

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  1. And of course the best one, which was also viewed more than any other video did not even place. Figure that one out!

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