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Zooppa is the world’s largest social network focused on user-generated advertising. Through our creative community of more than 40,000 people, Zooppa offers an innovative advertising model that connects your brand with a global community passionate about doing creative work and actively engaged in socializing it across the web.

Our community

The Zooppa community represents a global social network of people from over 120 countries. Zooppa members are art directors, video producers, photographers, graphic designers and creative individuals/teams. Members create ads for Zooppa sponsors in a variety of media including video, print, and banner ads. Zooppa community members vote for their favorite ads, and award cash prizes and valuable industry recognition upon the winning creators.

How it works

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Zooppa works with you to develop a creative brief detailing the goals of your campaign. Working from this campaign brief, our members compete to create original and effective ways to communicate your brand’s message visually and socially. Here’s how it works:

1. We post your brief on Zooppa.com for two weeks of pre-launch promotion.

2. Your campaign launches and is typically open for 8 – 10 weeks. Brands are currently receiving more than 75 video ads, 200 print ads, 50 banner ads and 50 concepts.

3. Each of these ads is viewed, commented on and rated by thousands of Zooppa members.

4. At the end of a campaign, cash prizes are awarded to the creators of the best ads in each medium.

Selecting winners

Awards are given in three categories:
• Winners of Community Awards, given to the highest rated ads,
receive about 75% of the prize money.
• Winners of Brand Awards, given to the ad(s) the campaign sponsor likes best,
receive about 20% of the prize money.
• Winners of Zooppa Awards, given to the ad(s) we like best,
receive about 5% of the prize money.

The social motivation

Zooppa’s awards provide competitive motivation for Zooppa members and incentivize viral distribution of their creative work. Community members actively promote their ads on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Myspace, Vimeo and Flickr, as well as on their personal blogs, creating significant engagement with your brand through the channels and networks in which Zooppa members participate.

What You’ll Get

Zooppa begins promoting your brand as soon as your campaign starts. Through uploading ads, viewing, commenting, and voting, our community will spend thousands of hours in intense brand engagement and discourse about your brand’s identity–not to mention, you get a flood of great creative! Most Zooppa campaigns produce over 75 videos, 200 print ads and 50 banners. Our community pushes out your content through their social networks, spreading your brand virally. All in all you get brand dialogue, great content, and viral engagement–essential in today’s social media environment.

Use of content

Your brand retains unlimited, perpetual rights for online use of all the ads submitted by Zooppa members for your campaign. For off-line usage, Zooppa will negotiate rights with the creator of the ad. The cost of broadcast and print rights for Zooppa ads is typically much lower than rights for similar ads developed by traditional agencies.

Zooppa screens every ad submitted and encourages our sponsors to do the same. If an ad contains inappropriate content, or fails to follow your brief, we remove it immediately. Zooppa’s creative community also does a lot of self-policing of submissions to ensure fair interpretation of the brief and your brand.

Submission guidelines

All ads entered in competition must follow the campaign brief and adhere to the guidelines for content submission set out in Zooppa’s Terms & Conditions, Official Rules, and Content Policy. Any ad violating copyright or intellectual property laws will be disqualified from competition and removed from the site. Any ad containing offensive, defamatory, dangerous, or otherwise sensitive material will likewise be disqualified from competition and removed from the site.

About Zooppa

Zooppa was founded in 2007 by H-Farm, a Venice, Italy-based technology incubator. After successfully launching Zooppa.com in Europe, we established our global headquarters in Seattle, Washington, in December 2008. More information is available at Zooppa.com.

About H-Farm

H-Farm was founded in Venice in 2005 to create and develop innovative technology and new media start-ups. Working in Internet and new media markets, H-Farm has tested many ideas and turned the best of them into thriving companies. H-Farm provides its companies with a range of strategic resources needed by start-ups to rapidly innovate ideas and services: office space, financial guidance, HR, legal, accounting and business development support. H-Farm also advises its companies on branding and business strategy.


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