Windows Phone 7 Contest Ideas

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I’ve been looking at the entries for the Windows Phone 7 Contest. The only one that really fulfills the mission is mumtha’s video on connectivity problems. The others are straight up ads for the phones that don’t really go into how the other smart phones’ exaggerated claims are ridiculous because the Windows Phone 7 does that and more.

So I’m writing up some examples about how other smart phones make crazy claims about how great they are when the Windows Phone can do that claim and more.

If you don’t have a Windows Phone 7, then you will have to do some research.

Example 1
So the claim here is that the new iphone has video chat enabled in it. And how you would fulfill the mission in the contest is to show how the Window’s Phone 7 does this and more.

Example 2
They’re claiming that you can’t read books without the iphone. We all know that’s not true. And if you used this example, then you’d make your video about how the Windows Phone 7 does this and more.

Example 3
Claim: High resolution screen. Windows Phone 7 screens are 800×420 which is insanely huge for a phone.

Example of what we’re looking for

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