Windows Phone 7 Contest Launched

A new contest has launched on Zooppa! Microsoft is back (we did have a successful contest with them in 2009). Today, we’ve just launched a contest for the Windows Phone 7! Just like droid this is a new operating system for phones. There are different models of phone that are running this software. I personally enjoy the landscape keyboard model. I have fat fingers.

You mission is as follows:
Create a video, up to 30 seconds long reflecting how you feel about other smartphone companies pushing you around with exaggerated claims.

The videos should parody one of the other smartphone company’s ads, mimicking the voice, tone & feel of the original ad. Use a Windows Phone 7 in your video in place of the ad you’re parodying.

So basically we need to take an existing ad from a Windows competitor and show how awesome the Windows Phone 7 is compared to them.

If you don’t have a Windows Phone 7 like me and RYCSLK then check out this video!

Easy peasy!

Take it easy,

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