Winner Spotlight: John Croyle for Buick

UPDATE: This past weekend John’s winning video was featured in front of thousands of spectators at the M&T Bank Stadium during Halftime at the 2011 NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Championship in Baltimore, MD!
Check out John’s video at Halftime on Lacrosse the Nations’ Facebook page.

Zooppa congratulates John Croyle, the producer of the winning video, “Lacrosse the Nations”, of the Buick and the NCAA’s Human Highlight Reel Competition on Zooppa. John is a Columbus, Ohio native and an award winning photographer and filmmaker who is currently employed at The Ohio State University, where he produces a variety of digital media arts. He is a relatively new member to Zooppa, submitting only a few videos to recent Zooppa competitions. He followed the brief of Buick’s Human Highlight Reel and contacted several university and college athletic departments participating in NCAA sports in search of a story. In his quest he found in his own backyard at Ohio State Greg Bice and his charitable work with Lacrosse the Nations. John holds a Master of Arts in Documentary Film and has been a freelance filmmaker for 39 years, many of which he has been working at OSU in different fields, including: medical photographer for 17 years; producer of a weekly one hour live television program for 6 years; and producer of various digital media for online distribution for 6 years.

We were interested in speaking with John some more, so he kindly let us conduct an interview with him. Enjoy, Zooppers!

It took about a month for John and Greg Bice to get into contact with each other. Out of the four universities and colleges that John contacted, OSU was the one to get back to John in a short amount of time and thus facilitate the communication between him and Bice.

John shot the video on the OSU campus, which was convenient for both him and Bice. John explains:

“We shot for two hours repeating the same message until I had enough to edit it down to the proper length. Greg and I did not review [his] words prior to taping. I wanted Greg to be spontaneous in his speaking.”

John’s equipment and software of choice to shoot and edit his video were Canon 5D (lenses: 24-105 and 35-350) and Final Cut Pro.

We asked John what he likes most about Zooppa. He tells us, “It’s a unique, creative outlet for me.” He also adds that he appreciates its competitive nature and enjoys viewing other creative products and ideas from fellow Zooppa contributors.

We asked for any advice John might have for aspiring video makers. He suggests:

“Write your ideas down and refine your ideas before you pick up the camera. After editing, have someone who has a good eye critique your video, and consider their comments seriously.”

Regarding everyone’s collaboration with video, John shows his appreciation for those who worked with him and says, “This particular competition was 10 percent skill and 90 percent luck.”

He breaks it down:

“[The] 10 percent skill [is made up of] 2 percent my experience in media arts; 2 percent OSU Athletic Dept keeping in touch with past student athletes; 2 percent OSU Athletic Dept is open to outside ideas; 2 percent Greg is a star athlete; and 2 percent Greg is a founding member of Lacrosse the Nations.” And the 90 percent luck? “Luck [that] everything came together.”

Happy to have you part of Zooppa, John.  Congratulations to all!

Jasmine Moore

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