Winners of the Festival of Creativity Contest

We’ve got a newsflash for you, Zooppers!

The winners of the contest for the Festival of Creativity are Lale, Bluzza, and Possend for the video category and Giuseppe88, Fremantle, and Pinomerenda for graphic design ads.

The Sistema Toscana Foundation, the organization that put together the Festival, was very enthusiastic about the concept of Zooppa and followed their contest with great interest and participation from the beginning. Mirko Lalli, the communications representative of the Sistema Toscana Foundation, had this to say about the process: “It really wasn’t easy choosing the winners. So many proposals were posted, some of which were truly interesting! Well done!” He then went on to remark, “In the end, we had to select the winners, though, and more than the actual realization of the ads, we sought to reward their underlying ideas — the concepts that were most effective at communicating the Festival of Creativity’s message. The task we set for Zooppa’s community of creative minds was by no means simple. It’s not easy even for us to describe what the Festival is all about (although our friends at Zooppa did a great job writing our contest brief): essentially, it is a mega-event that functions like a “container,” encompassing more than 500 smaller events […] This was a difficult challenge for Zooppa and its social advertisers, but the results are fantastic.” And here are the Zooppers that the Foundation selected to win: Silent, for the animation entitled “giro,” and Ananassa for the graphic work entitled “Visioni, viaggi, scoperte.”

Let’s hear a round of applause for the winners of the Big Zooppa Award, too: CristianoLuc, for the video called “Noi la chiamiamo creatività,” Dennyshow for the graphic work entitled “Ohhh…,” and Penta for the “Creativex” ad concept. The Zooppa staff jury also wanted to recognize three other works, all of which were also noteworthy, so Starlight83, Pallina180, and Paolocontaldo have earned an honorable mention. Congratulations to all of the winners!

We’ll leave you here with a little nugget: the beautiful video ad produced by Mirkorispoli, who came to see us in Florence during the Festival. Enjoy, Zooppers!

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  1. “And I think to myself, what a wonderful award”… just kidding. Congratulations guys, you deserve it.

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