Wish your fellow Zooppers a Happy New Year!

You may have noticed recently a little contest called “Happy New Year with Zooppa!” Now, right there in the first sentence, I’ve made a mistake, because this here contest isn’t a contest at all! Instead it’s a place where we can all share New Years greetings and resolutions with one another here on Zooppa. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of contests and competitions, its a little area where the only goal is to make people feel warm and cozy and excited about the New Year!

We plan on sharing some of our favorites on our social channels in the coming days, and below you can check out the first two that have come in! They’re quite lovely, thanks for sharing, Nexeon and sivaramansubbu!

Submit your New Year’s greeting or resolutions today! Click here!

Meme E

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