Working with Clients: What You Should Know

First things first: whether it’s a talent agency, a huge corporation or tiny start-up company. To work with a client, understand their brand. Embody it. Exude it when you speak to them for the very first time. Forget understanding, you should know and nurture it like it’s your precious backyard vegetable garden. This isn’t step one, it’s step zero.

In addition to understanding the brand, you’ll need to nail these three basics before you land that coveted client:

1.) Do your research.

Yes, this step is super obvious–and yet it’s skipped all too often.

Clients won’t work with somebody who is ignorant of their history. You may be elated with the possibility of working with them, but they can’t see it when you’re missing their fundamentals. If you want to win and hold on to your client, you need to stay on top of things. Ask questions. Know the history of the company…but before you ever pick up the phone, know the company’s mission, overarching philosophy, and previous campaigns.

2.) What are they up to these days?


They got a Facebook account? Do they update current projects they’re working on? Are they interactive with their community? How are they featured in the media?

These things may seem minute in the larger scope of things, but clients like when you know what they’re up to. You look interested, they feel appreciated. It’s a win-win situation. It gives them the sense of “Hey, they really keep up to date with what we’re doing. They’re on top of their sh**!”

3.) The client is always right.

You know the overused saying that sometimes gets annoying, but in this case it rings especially true. Yeah, you might be the most brilliant person and OK , you might bring some of what might be some of the most innovative concepts ever to the table. But at the end of the day, if your client doesn’t see what you see, well too bad. You’re job is to work with the client…not for.For example, if a client working with Zooppa provides a brief outlining what they want…Follow those guidelines.

One of the important things to remember: clients don’t like surprises. Be as transparent possible, and communicate with them well and often.

Remember: clients like working with those who show that they care, beyond the point of just making a dollar or two. Work with brands and clients you truly feel compelled to do business with. Your passion will be obvious, and understanding what they want will come naturally.

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