Capture The World: One-Day Worldwide Photo Event

Hey there Zooppsters,

We’re very excited about this upcoming photography project organized by ADAY.org, and based on all the great work you guys create, we think this could be an excellent use of your skills demonstrated within the boundaries of a single image.

On May 15th, ADAY.org is asking people from all over the world to participate in a still photography assignment that captures your daily life in one still frame, taken all on the same day! The goal is to inspire different lifestyles and perspectives through our own daily lives. Any kind of camera is acceptable, it’s up to you and your artistic eye to decide what to capture!

Main Categories

Your picture will be filed under one of these primary categories, so remember to use these as guidelines when in doubt. And each main category will have a series of subcategories for optimal browsing.

  • Home
  • Work
  • Connections

Eager to get started now? You can get a head start by creating a profile and sharing a little bit about yourself, and don’t forget, grab those cameras on May 15th!

For all the details, check out ADAY.org. Good luck to you all!

Meme E

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