You Butter Believe It!

Want a butter challenge? Have you ever thought to try to sculpt a block into an artistically creative masterpiece? Several state fairs hold annual sculpting contests, with The Iowa State Fair being known for one of the more popular competitions. Contestants take this art form very seriously. The creative pieces vary from this highly detailed playground scene, to something more simplistic and very topic appropriate, such as a replica of a cow.

If standing in a chilly refrigerated room for hours to craft your finished product doesn’t sound appealing, there is yet another butter challenge to conquer, or should I say Challenge Butter?

All of us at Zooppa are looking for creative ways you can make people think good thoughts about Challenge Butter. How does Real Challenge make a Real Difference? How does Real Challenge provide real flavor? Do you have a great idea that can fit into a 15-90 second clip? Participating in our video competition is simple. Find out all details here. Awards for this contest total $15,000, with $7,500  going to the first-place recipient. Be sure to check it out!

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