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We here at Zooppa are a hard working bunch. When we’re not happily punching away at our computers, drinking coffee, and petting our office dog, we love to watch Survivor. Yes, that crazy reality show where they throw people and at times, D-list celebrities, in the middle of nowhere. This season marks the silver jubilee, aka the 25th season. (How many desolate locations are there in this world? Jeez!) Anyway, this is the Philippines version.

To make our love for Survivor more interesting, we decided to start a Survivor Pool within the Zooppa office. Andrew had the first pick, but because we did a snake draft, he had to wait for everyone to draft twice before he could vote again. Andrew, Sam, and I were lucky to get an extra pick. Here’s the outcome of our draft from today.







1. Denise

2. Carter

3. Pete

4. Jeff

5. Michael

6. Dawson

12. Jonathan

11. RC

10. Artis

9. Lisa

8. Malcolm

7. Russell

13. Katie

14. Abi

15. Dana

So Zooppsters, we need your help! What should the winner win? And also, what should happen to the first person who’s picks are eliminated? Leave a comment or tweet at us!


Meme E


  1. Winner should be celebrated by a survivor themed office party where the winner gets put on a podium, insulted by the rest of the office and then forced to eat an exotic (and unpleasant sounding) animal.

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