You want a Mr.? Use the Mrs.!

In honor of good ol’ fashioned print ads of yore, we bring you this retro blog post to inspire your flavor statement for our “Mrs Dash: Live it. Love it. Eat it.” video and print competition here on Zooppa.

How Mrs. Dash salt-free seasoning sensations will land you the perfect man:

  • Sexy figure
  • Allspice
  • Longevity
  • Taste of heaven
  • Formidable scent
  • Reaction: Yum!
  • Electrifying date night, stay seated.
  • End of the aisle for marriage= happily ever after
Whether you’re retro, or ultra-modern, enter your three prints or three videos by January 30th at 4pm PST and you could walk away with some of the $22,500 in cash prizes.  Go here for the details!

Meme E

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