YouTube Set to Launch Subscription Video Service: Fullscreen

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Loyal to subscription based video services? Exciting news is around the corner!

If you’ve been looking to add a branch of YouTube to your line up, look no further. Subscription services for one of YouTube’s largest networks– Fullscreen is set to launch April 26th.

Not be familiar with Fullscreen? The subscription video offshoot says, “..the service would aim to bridge the gap between social media and television for young viewers who not only want premium content, but also want to engage with it.”

What does this mean for creators alike?

With a library that will hold more than 800 hours of content ranging from full length feature films, live events and digital shorts this is a great opportunity to join the already 70,000 creators apart of the Fullscreen contributor family.

Head over to LA Times  for a full run down on the future of this powerful partnership and where to catch your favorite YouTube stars. 

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