Zinio Winners Announcement

Congratulations Zooppa community. Once again, you’ve totally blown us away.

And it’s not just us. The client was absolutely floored by the amazing prints and videos you guys came up with.

This wasn’t an easy competition. Some Zooppa competitions are more specific about what they’re looking to get, some are more open to interpretation. Zinio was pretty open to interpretation. That – coupled with the fact that Zinio’s product is absolutely brand new – makes for a pretty tough creative assignment.

Well, like I said, the client was totally blown away. Great job. Here are the winners.

Client Video Awards

Client Video Award 1st

rpgamer2003, Space and Air

Client Video Award 2nd

reellance, At My Side

Client Video Award 3rd

drumbum, Trying Too Hard

Zooppa Video Award

bishoff, Inside Zinio

Community Video Awards

Community Video 1st

niccolo, Zinio Express Reading

Community Video 2nd

asleivs, It’s Preferred Reading in One Place

Community Video 3rd

gianky, Zinio: Just More Choice

Client Print Awards

Client Print Award 1st

Moxemo, Capitulation of the Printed Paper

Client Print Award 2nd

el_gae, Zinio

Client Print Award 3rd

lacerat, In the Smallest Place

Zooppa Print Award

fmadv, The Metamorphosis

Community Print Awards

Community Print Award 1st

umbrellaman, Boundless Curiosity

Community Print Award 2nd


Community Print Award 3rd

cauthier, World Made of Paper

Congrats to everyone who created something for this awesome contest, and congrats to the winners.

Jasmine Moore

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