Zooppa’s User-Generated Advertising Model Gaining Momentum

Creative Community Develops Advertising For Major Brands

April 28, 2009, Seattle, WA-Big things are happening at Zooppa.com. In the last few months, the Seattle based social advertising site has hosted user-generated advertising competitions for a wide range of top brands, including Google Chrome, Nike, Mini Cooper, Jones Soda, and Brooks Running Shoes. Zooppa has also hosted exclusive competitions for Taco Del Mar and the University of Washington. And all along membership in Zooppa’s unique creative community has grown at unprecedented rates.

“The creative community is really the heart and soul of Zooppa,” CEO Wil Merritt said. “It’s amazing to see the sheer number of incredibly talented people eager to participate in our competitions.”

Worldwide, Zooppa’s creative community boasts over 40,000 members. Called Zooppers, these members are filmmakers, graphic designers, animators and creative people of all stripes for whom Zooppa’s advertising competitions offer the chance to win prizes, but more importantly to gain industry recognition for their creative work. As Mr. Merritt went on to say, “Our creative community is driven by incentives beyond just prize money. That’s why Zooppa is the biggest source of user-generated content.”

Zooppa partners with regional, national and international brands to host user-generated advertising competitions on Zooppa.com. Brands provide a brief describing the message they want to spread, and the medium (video, print, banner) they want to do it in. Working from this brief, Zooppers produce huge numbers of ads employing a staggering variety of styles, tones, and strategies. These ads are then uploaded to Zooppa.com where the creative community comments on and rates them. Prizes are awarded to the highest rated ads and to ads specially chosen by the sponsoring brand and by Zooppa itself.

All of this adds up to an incredibly powerful marketing package for Zooppa’s partner brands. Not only do brands receive ads in great volume but because they’re made by people looking to break into the industry, the ads are invariably fresh, original and innovative. And, because the competitive aspect of Zooppa’s model gives participants incentive to promote their work, Zooppa ads are routinely posted to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook pages, and personal blogs, giving sponsoring brands a head start on an effective viral campaign.

In fact, Zooppa begins marketing its partner brands even before any ads are submitted. When participating in one of Zooppa’s competition, members of the creative community leap into deep, prolonged engagement with the partner brand, in effect advertising to themselves.

There is also a market research aspect to Zooppa’s model. As Jones Soda CEO Steve Jones said, “I think the coolest part of this whole process is seeing the ideas from everybody,” Mr. Jones said. “…it has helped educate us… on what they see the brand as, and more importantly… [on] the potential for where the brand can grow.”

Zooppa’s model is scalable, and adaptable as well. Sponsoring a Zooppa competition can help to boost sales for a national brand such as Jones Soda, or drive traffic to a website like Grist.org. Other brands have found that sponsoring a competition on Zooppa can be a more cost-effective way to reach their target demographic than a local TV buy.

In the 18 months since opening their European operation, and the six months they’ve been operating in the U.S., Zooppa has picked up a ton of momentum. Zooppa’s creative community continues to grow, and with several great new competitions coming up, there can be no doubt that Zooppa’s revolutionary combination of user-generated advertising and social networking has truly arrived.


About Zooppa

The first company to join social networking with user-generated advertising, Zooppa offers an innovative new advertising model by connecting people from all over the world to a creative community-of-interest. This community is composed of people who want to make, enjoy, or purchase great creative work that will influence people and sell product. Members worldwide are invited to create ads for sponsoring brands in a variety of media including video, print, and banner ads. Zooppa community members vote for their favorite ads, the creators of which win cash prizes and gain valuable industry recognition. For more information, visit http://www.zooppa.com.

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