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Hey everyone!
In my time here at Zooppa, I have come across a bunch of questions that are asked a bunch of times. And here they are:
Q: How long does it take for the client to decide on winners.
A: The selection process for each client is different. We typically like to keep the waiting time close to 2 weeks. Sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes much shorter.

Q: Is there anyway to monitor the upload to make sure it is actually processing?
A: Yes. We’ve learned that Google Chrome shows the upload in a percentage at the bottom left of the browser. However, for other browsers after you hit “submit video” it will hang on the page until the upload process is done. Depending on your file size and connection speed, it may take 5 – 20 minutes. Then your video starts to encode. You should get an email when it successfully uploads and after it successfully publishes and is live on Zooppa. Encoding takes about as long is it did to upload. If you didn’t receive an email about your video being published, then please email zooppa.usa@zooppa.com and we’ll get you sorted out.

Q: How long does it take to get paid?
A: We send out your award 30 -60 days after we receive your winners documents. There are 2 documents the you have to fill out if you win. An affidavit, saying you are the originator of all footage, music and images in your movie. And a tax form (we are giving you cash, after all).

Q: Why was my video taken down?
A: Well, this question usually doesn’t get asked because we always email a filmmaker before we take down a video. Nevertheless, an important question. Everyone who uploads to a Zooppa contest must abide by copyright law. These are ads that are going to be used in various ways and we need to make sure that we have the rights to use all the music, images and footage in every video.

Q: How does voting work?
A: When we have voting prizes, you can see a sliding bar next to the videos in the contest. You can award a vote of 1-5 if you are a new user. You can award more votes if you are a dedicated Zooppa member. What does that mean? Your seniority raises as you spend more time on Zooppa, upload, comment, post on the forums etc. Check out this blog post to learn more.

Q: Do you ensure that voting is fair?
A: We do! When we have a voting prize we take it very seriously. Zooppa looks at all the votes on each video and checks their validity. How? We can’t reveal that because people will learn how to circumvent those safeguards.

Q: What if I have a revision to my video? What do I do?
A: You’ll have to upload your new video as a new one. Then rename your old version “Delete” and we will take care of the rest.

Q: What if I want to write a blog post on Zooppa?
A: OK, this question is never asked, however, if you want to write a blog post about Zooppa, film making, or any other topic related to Zooppa then write up your post and email it to zooppa.usa@zooppa.com.

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