Welcome to ZOOPPA 4.0

Dear Zooppers, we have already talked about this,b ut now it’s official: Welcome to the new version of Zooppa will be released. To be precise, it’s the number 4 that will launch a new season for the website.

Which is the news? Most of all the ones that you can’t see directly. Zooppa has grown a lot thanks to your ads, your energy and the belief of the companies that launched their contests. We have firstly worked on the IT bases: Zooppa has been rebuilding to guarantee the new expansions and more performances. A really important step on.

The news that you will be able to see regards different areas and we invite you to discover them in detail by yourselves. They concern improvements that are useful mostly for the upcoming developments and features, but some of them are already present. We don’t want to reveal you everything, but here you find the most important contents:

New Home Page, more usable, according to the Web 2.0 social networks style
New player for the ads show: faster and with more functions.
New community section: it includes a summary page that links to the different areas; each of them has been redesigned.
Updating of MyZooppa section: you will be able to check in an easier way your works and the news that are relevant for you.
Graphic Restyling with an updating also of the Corporate section.

Important notice n°2: thanks to this new release, in the MyZooppa section a new feature is available to allow you to invite automatically your friends from your mailing contacts list, directly from the following networks: Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Plaxo. This function is still named “Invite a Friend”, but it replaces the past Invite dedicated to 5 friends.

Important notice n.3: update your browser. The new release will not be compatible with the old and problematic version 6 of Internet Explorer. As the majority of the social networks has done, Zooppa assures the compatibility with the Internet Explorer v.7 and later. Go to the website savethedevelopers.com and trade on this chance to update all your browser.

So, let’s discover Zooppa 4.0.
And seeing we like to look always forward, we are already waiting for you for the appointment with Zooppa 4.1!

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  1. first lat me to take this chance to thank you a lot for the great opportunity ,you are given for many designer around the world, up grad is one of singe for sauces, I wish you all and our community the beast ,for express them self throw you advertising adds.and sure, the care you give to every single.and let’s discover zooppa 4.0 ,have nice day

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