Zooppa is indulging in 360-degree creativity: the user-generated advertising platform has come to life offline in order to participate in the Festival of Creativity taking place in Florence from October 23 to 26, 2008. The protagonists of this fantastic event are communication, culture, design, and the new media. In essence, The Festival is a great occasion for gathering the best creative ideas out there in one place.

Now in its third year, the Festival offers an important opportunity to come into contact with the kind of creative and innovative milieu to which Zooppa.com belongs. Last year the Festival registered an incredible 350,000 visitors, who came to see the flood of ideas, novelties, happenings, workshops, and experiences. This year Zooppa.com couldn’t miss out on participating in the Festical with its own space, where visitors are given the chance to experiment in person with the site’s innovative advertising model.

Zooppa.com will also enrich its involvement in this remarkable event with the launching of an ad contest dedicated to the Festival itself. The site’s users will be able to unleash their creativity in the making of videos or graphic ads promoting the event. For the winners, the Festival’s promoter, the Fondazione Sistema Toscana, has provided travel packages for amazing sojourns in Tuscany, keeping with the theme of this year’s Festival: “Voyages, visions, discoveries.” This is just another indicator that Zooppa.com is a valid means of promoting events of the highest level.

But things don’t end there: the big event at the third annual Festival of Creativity is a pavilion dedicated to Brazil, the special guest nation, were a ton of Brazilian institutions, cultural initiatives, and companies are represented. Their presence is of particular interest to Zooppa.com, because the site has a substantial community of users in Brazil and has recently launched a version of the site specially dedicated to them.

Jasmine Moore

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