Zooppa.com reaches 20,000 users and sets itself to new ambitious objectives

Over 20,000 registered users and 28 contests with high level brands: two finishing lines of which Zooppa.com is very proud. Zooppa is the social advertising platform, which in a bit more than a year grew up becoming a landmark in the user-generated creativity and advertising panorama. The start-up connects a numerous and competent community to brands’ demands, to create viral campaigns, extending its own communicative horizons to the Web 2.0 panorama.

Among the last companies that recognized a precious creative basin in Zooppa.com and its 20,000 registered users, we ought mention Enel, MINI, Nestlè, TomTom and Negroni: realities that demonstrated enthusiasm and interest towards users’ engagement, at times choosing to award the best works also by their own. Beyond the winners voted by the community, in fact, some companies have offered a special opportunity to the users: Nestlè chose the best works for its own on-line communication, while MINI used its Zooppa.com contest as a communication support to the launching of two new models.

More than 100 people up to now found a job through Zooppa.com. The latest on-air contest, by Negroni, has had a record start, with more than 400 contributions in just 15 days. These are two aspects that underline the efficacy of the viral model, which stimulates users to promote their own works, starting a visibility virtuous circle for themselves and for the brand.

Zooppa.com intends to launch its portal in Poland, Russia and the United States in the next months. It is also going to release some important new features: it will let users to use the platform as an environment that consents to find a job within the creative fields, and it will develop a version of the site dedicated to local small businesses.

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