Zooppa Contest 2: here are the winners!

Dear Zooppers,

The winners of Zooppa Contest 2 have been selected! It was difficult to choose between all of the fantastic ads that were sent to us; there were some truly interesting campaign ideas and many of those who participated deserve the Big Zooppa Award. But a contest is a contest, so, while thanking all of the Zooppers who participated, we are ready to give you the names of the winners!

This time around we really wanted to do things right! This contest was close to our hearts, because it was about you, us, and Zooppa. As a result, we decided to speak to you directly — to be part of it ourselves and tell you face to face who the winners are and why we chose them, and to celebrate along with you.

So, here is our video message (in italian) with the official decree of the winners!

Meme E

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