Zooppa Contest 2: You’ll know the winners in just a few days!

Dear Zooppers,

Zooppa Contest 2 recently came to a close with an incredible number of participants. It’s obvious that when people talk about Zooppa, your creativity reaches new heights!
So many of you took part in the contest and proposed phenomenal ideas. We saw excellent examples of collaboration between Zooppers, too, and the results exceeded our greatest expectations.

Our responsibility in the selection process for this contest is really important, and it is very hard for us to choose. After all, we are talking about a serious company to promote in this case (us!) and a prize that any Zoopper would love to win (right?). As a result, we want to be sure that we are calmly evaluating the work you submitted and discussing it carefully! We know that you are dying to find out who the winners will be, but we really want to take the time to look at EVERY work posted and give each the close attention it deserves. In other words, the fact that we’re making you wait should be understood as a sign of how seriously we are taking our job.

The winners of the Big Zooppa award will therefore be announced on Tuesday, November 11. And get ready for it . . . Zooppa’s staff has some fantastic surprises in store for you!

In the meantime, we wanted to THANK all of you. Thank you for having participating in such great numbers, thank you for the enthusiasm and creativity you displayed, and thank you for having made us have fun looking at your work (every day we couldn’t wait to see what crazy stuff you guys had come up with!).

Thank you also for having demonstrated once more that Zooppa is not just about competing for prize money; it is also about sharing, fun, and creative passion.

Meme E

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