Zooppa Contest Updates

Happy hump day everyone,

I’d like to take a minute to go over interesting tidbits about all the contests we have going on right now.

We’re looking for videos to be submitted before September to feature on Horizon Milk’s facebook page. If you upload your video before September it has a chance to be part of Horizon’s Back to School Video Match Up page.

The Horizon mission: Create a comedic video, up to 60 seconds long, about the trials and tribulations of the Back to School Blues for moms.

Videos should be light-hearted, fun and humorous. Back to school is a stressful time for moms, and these videos should make moms smile as they recognize themselves in your videos’ exaggerated scenarios.
Read the full Horizon Milk brief here

$8,000 isn’t the only prize. The top 3 winners get to assist on a Hollywood project. The upload period has been extended to the end of the voting period, 10/1/11. This only affects the contest in one way: Because of print deadlines, the first place winner will no longer be recognized in the Hollywood Awards® Gala Ceremony Program Book for their winning video submission.

The MatchingDonors mission: Make a 30-second video that promotes, celebrates, or teaches about being a living organ donor on MatchingDonors.com. The creative approach you take on this assignment is at your discretion.
Read the full MatchingDonors brief here

This is our newest contest. It’s a rather short one so get your cameras ready now!

The AmazonWireless Mission: Create a video, 60 seconds or less, that demonstrates how AmazonWireless eliminates the frustration synonymous with the typical mobile phone purchase path (i.e. going to the store)
Read the full AmazonWireless brief here

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