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adammorleyAdam Morley is a 20-year-old junior at California State University Fullerton, working towards a major in Film and a minor in History. His love for making films may have come at a later stage in life, but that didn’t slow his talents down, becoming the winner of our Magisto Campaign!


Who is your favorite director and what is one of your all time favorite movies?

That is a tough one for me because I feel it changes quite often, but Quentin Tarantino has been a favorite for some time now. In regards to a favorite film, I have watched Art of Flight more than anything else on my shelf; it is incredibly inspiring to me.

If you had an unlimited budget, where would be your dream location to shoot?

After studying Italian Cinema abroad for a month and a half, I found the country to be remarkable in its history and landscape.  I would love to go back and capture some of the beauty I was able to experience. To be more specific, I think Capri has some of the most magnificent coastline in the world, with its winding paths down to the crystal clear water and tiny towns with unique restaurants and shops.


Also, who would you hire as an actor/actress in your video?

Ever since the first time I saw Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, I have
3been a really big fan. I know that may come off as a cliché, but I
really believe he takes on the roles of his characters in an
incredibly fascinating manner.


Describe your filmmaking background. What got you started?

Up until my Junior year in High School, I had no interest in film
what-so-ever. In fact, it was a mistake I was put into the film class.
However, I am thankful to have had a teacher that really opened my
eyes to what is my true passion today. Out of High School it was
actually that High School teacher, Mr. Robert Kaechele, that led me to
my first wedding gig and from there, I branched off to do some
commercial work and music videos.


What was the first film you ever created?

The first video I ever created was as an assignment for my High School
Digital Media class. The objective was to take a simple comic strip
and turn it into a video, it was pretty horrible looking back on it,
but that was what opened my eyes to this entire field. I suppose it is
now a great way to represent progress.


How would you describe your film style?

Due to much of my early experience coming from wedding videography, I
feel I have been able to develop a style that conveys emotion. With
each couple, it is important to capture their day as realistically as
possible by capturing all the little details that add up to create
their big day. With that being said, I prefer to focus on the details
and show off the beauty of things that are sometimes overlooked in the
grand scale.


Share with us your creative process. What have you found inspiring?

I often look to other videos for inspiration as well as trying to
experience as many different environments and experiences on my own. I
believe that jumping into different scenarios and trying new things on
a regular basis is really healthy for one’s creativity.


Which was your favorite contest to participate in? Why?

Just recently I participated in the OESA Generation Auto Student Video
contest and was able to work with the CSUF Formula SAE Team to create
a video that ended up taking third place overall, which I then donated
the money back to the program. The final product was something I took
a lot of pride in. After working so closely with the FSAE Team, it
was great to give back to them as well.


How did you come up with the idea for (your winning contest) and what
was the process in producing the video?

For the Magisto contest, I spent some time thinking about an
environment that had very happy, upbeat vibes and settled on Santa
Monica. The day was truly a blast and I did my best to have that come
across in the video. The subject in the video, my girlfriend, had
plenty of fun as well rollerblading and riding all the rides on the
pier. I actually bought a GoPro 3+ for the video because I thought it
would be very easy to skate around with and I was happy to take it
into some water at the end of the video!


What are you hoping to achieve in the future?

I hope to one day do work for a company such as National Geographic
and be able to travel around the world and capture many different
cultures. I had the privilege to study film abroad in Florence, Italy
and it really opened my eyes to the beauty of travel. I also have a
strong interest in documentary filmmaking and hope that I can
incorporate that with travel.


Website links
OESA Generation Auto Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zC79bKwKhnw

Personal Website: AdamMorleyFilms.com

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