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Hello Zooppers,

We are proud to feature our first Greek filmmaker! Angelo was born and raised in Athens and he’s also a very talented Parkour athlete, one of the pioneers of the genre in Greece. After being a music producer for a while he found out that his real passion was making videos and playing with images. His dream is to go to Hollywood and become an actor or director.


Tell us about yourself, personally and creatively.

I am Angelo Poulis, born and raised in Athens, Greece. I am an actor, parkour athlete/stunt performer and also a filmmaker. A co-founder of the first official Greek Parkour team, which began in 2007, I am considered to be one of the Greek Parkour pioneers.

I became known in Greece by my Parkour videos on YouTube which spread quickly through the Internet and also through my work on TV as a commercial stuntman and/or character.  I have had leading roles for big companies. I have also appeared in movies, music video-clips and several live TV shows and events. For 4 years in a row, I have been co-hosting the biggest parkour/freerunning event in the world, ‘Red Bull Art of Motion in Santorini.’

Now I am about to take the next step and move to Hollywood. I just signed with 2 great acting agencies in L.A.

One of my primary goals is to spread inspiration, along with the philosophy of Parkour.  To share the secrets of success I have learned from books, great personalities, athletes and my personal experiences. My main objective is to inspire and motivate people; to move forward, but mostly to believe in themselves.  It’s important to set your goals high, even if those goals may seem crazy or impossible.


What brought you to the Zooppa community?

I like to be creative. I used to do my own videos for YouTube, but later on I wanted to undertake projects from companies, products etc. I am a fan of commercials, or fast and short videos. When I discovered Zooppa I saw the chance to create projects for big companies, to show out there my work and why not to win an award. It is nice to do your own videos in the beginning, but later on if you get paid for your effort and your results its even better, so you can do it professionally and commit fully on that.


Name 3 films/directors that have influenced your work.

Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Quentin Tarantino


Where do/did you go to school? How has your education influenced your filmmaking?

I am a self-taught filmmaker. My school was Google and YouTube tutorials. I used to be an electronic music producer for many years, using programs like Logic and Cubase. I was good at that., so when I started editing, the concept was the same. I just had to replace sounds with images. In music, you build a track with sounds and melodies. In video you build with images. I learned the programs very fast, it was something familiar to me. That’s why I try to build my video on the music, or to do tricks with the rhythm and the video effects.


What is your favorite genre of film to create?

I am a fan of action and fast paced movies. I think this comes from my parkour background. I grew up with movies of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I like science fiction and adventures too. I have made a sci-fi action short movie, called “Dragonborn – The eternal Warriors” which won an international award in 4th Athens digital film festival on December of 2014.It combines parkour and martial arts. You can watch it here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyE-8jHLkm4


Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon?

You will find me out for parkour training and at night usually to the cinema, for food, and sometimes clubbing.


Choose 5 words to describe your art.

Original, Clever, Fast-paced, Action, Inspirational.


What projects are you currently working on?

Regarding filmmaking, I am working in a project called “glow experience musical project.” It is a musical school for acting dancing and singing. I am currently working in one of their short musicals. I am about to film, direct and edit their upcoming video.

Regarding acting, this week I will be working on a TV commercial for a bank, and straight after in a featured movie.


What drew you to participate in this campaign? i.e. – did the brief catch your attention, the prize money, the love for the brand?

Actually what drew me to participate in this campaign were the words “speed, fast and 4g”. I thought of parkour straight away. I always use something motivational and inspirational in my videos, so the quote at the end ” go fast, be on top” would be my choice. I imagined the whole story like a vision. I saw the contest vey late so I had one day to shoot and one day to edit. It seemed like I have to do this. Of course the money seemed nice but I wanted to do it anyway. This was my first project for Zooppa.


What is one piece of advice you would give to your fellow Zooppa community members?

Try to do your best, love what you do, try to create something simple, clever and original. Quality is important so invest in a good DSLR camera and a good lens. Use a steady cam whenever possible, or a glider – they can make your video look professional. There are a lot of cheap solutions nowadays, and remember the best tools and programs are those that you know how to use best. Be simple.


10 years from now where will we see you and your films?

In 10 years from now I want to participate in blockbuster Hollywood movies as an actor. Later on when I build a good name and have the money, I want to direct and film my own movies.


Link us to any work/a portfolio that you would like mentioned.




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