Zooppa Featured Member: Cynthia Bravo

cynthia bravoHello Zooppers,

This week’s featured Zoopper is the recent Early Early Grand Prize winner of the Ad Council: Brush Rules for Kids’ Healthy Mouths project (find video here). Meet Cynthia Bravo from Los Angeles!


About me… 
I’m encouraged by my passion and motivated by my perseverance. I take pride in my work ethic and I’m aware that it will be a long journey, and I feel lucky I’m in it.
I have a love for storytelling, I enjoy finding the visual elements that inform the character’s background and enhance the story.
I have a Masters in Fine Arts degree, a Directing certificate, background in Business Administration, and I’m currently enrolled in the Producing Certificate at UCLA. However, above anything, I have a genuine passion for entertainment.


What brought me to Zooppa…. 
I’m not quite sure how I came across Zooppa but I know that from the moment I discovered it, I thought it was a great opportunity to create content, showcase your talent and build your portfolio.


What I like most about crowdsourced film contests… 
First of all it is an open and fair opportunity for upcoming content creators. It is absolutely fabulous to have the opportunity to pitch for big brands.
Also, for the companies it is extremely beneficial to have this huge amount of people figuring out ways to creatively transmit the company’s message.


3 films/directors that have influenced my work… 
Dogville by Lars Von Tier
Requiem for a dream by Darren Aronofsky
Interestellar by Christopher Nolan


My education…

Bachelor in Business Administration with Marketing at ITEMS, Mexico
Fine Arts acting in Vancouver at UBC, Vancouver, Canada
Master in Fine Arts in Los Angeles
Currently enrolled in the Producing Certificate at UCLA, Los Angeles.


Favorite genre… 
I’m drawn to dramas, enjoy comedies and look forward to creating inspirational films, with strong female characters and positive messages


Where can you find me on a Saturday afternoon…

I wish I could say enjoying the sunset at the beach with a cup of red wine in hand, but the reality is that I’ll be at my office, in front of my computer working on the next project.


Five words to describe my art…

Honest, intuitive, creative, fun, and passionate


The projects that I’m currently working on… 
Pre-production of the feature film “Hide in The light” scheduled to begin principal photography this summer.
As the founder of “Glix for the Arts community” I’m in charge of leading the video production of the month. The “Glix for the Arts community” is sponsored by Glix Entertainment and it encourages and supports upcoming directors to create memorable video content and make a mark in the entertainment industry. For more details: www.glixentertainment.com <http://www.glixentertainment.com/>


What drew me to participate in this campaign… 
I was looking for projects to participate in, the brief was interesting and catchy, plus it involved working with kids, which I really enjoy.

One piece of advice for the Zooppa community members… 
To think outside the box, you don’t need a lot to create high quality content, with creativity and passion, the sky is the limit.


10 years from now where will you see me and my films… 
I’ll be enjoying the sunset at the beach with a cup of red wine in hand, and my films will be screening in major festivals and movie theaters.


Some links to my work and portfolio:

Personal IMDB: http://goo.gl/YIDd54
Website: www.cynthiabravo.com

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