Zooppa Featured Member: Saulo Zayas

SAULO_ZAYAS_photoAfter interning at a local cable station and winning “movie of the year” twice in high school, Saulo decided to actively pursue the multimedia industry in a variety of markets. As an avid photographer for both commercial and cinema, he absolutely loves looking through the lens. “The best feeling is getting that random creative jolt that just keeps you going and staying inspired,” he said. “That ‘s when you know you’re onto something great! I love the visual medium and I simply just can’t imagine doing anything else.” Check out the full interview with the recent Zooppa 1st Place Winner, Saulo Zayas!


1. What first interested you in film?

I remember first passion for filmmaking and storytelling came from my parents when they bought me LEGO Studios when I was about 9 years old.

I immediately fell in love with making short films, series, and cartoons.

After completing each film, I would hold mini premieres where my family huddled up in my room to watch my animated films and sometimes I would even charge small fee. Even though I studied art throughout the years in school, I always went back to make short films.


2. What drew you to the Zooppa community?

What drew me to Zooppa was the contest for BIG ASS FANS. Upon further research, Zooppa had a great variety of brands with briefs ranging from print to video and along with great service and support I had to give it a shot. I’m glad to say we’ll be working on many other contests from Zooppa for a while.


3. What do you like most about crowdsourced film contests?

It’s great to see people from all over with different skills and experiences participate in crowdsourced film contests. I believe it challenges everyone to give it their best, build a portfolio of industry leading brands, and most importantly have fun throughout the process.


4. What do you like to do when you’re not creating video masterpieces?

I watch movies, TV dramas, or play video games. There is no better feeling than getting wrapped up in a great series, game, or movie. Give it your complete attention and for a while you’re in their world sympathizing, regretting, grieving, laughing, learning, and crying. I think that’s the goal many try hard to achieve, and few master. What I learned is that building a dedicated team and collaborating with other people is certainly a recipe for success.


5. Where is home for you?

After coming from Cuba at the age of 6, I’ve called Tampa, Florida my home for 18 years. Florida’s radiant sun, wonderful beaches, and incredible history keep me discovering something new everyday. Even though I hope to travel around the country and see more of the world, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.


6. Where do/did you go to school? How has your education influenced your filmmaking?

I attended a few art and technology colleges with talented students and teachers but I never really felt comfortable.

I gained most of my experience in the field and working with other like-minded and passionate people in the industry.

There are, however, several teachers I admire that showed me how to think about and approach creativity in new ways.


7. What/where do you find inspiration for your films? Share a bit about your creative process.

Most of my inspiration comes from doing things; sometimes the best ideas are sparked from conversation with friends and family, a joke, or just small talk.

It’s not fun sitting around a room waiting for something to come because frankly it just won’t. I invite randomosity at any point during production.

Those special unexpected moments are the ones that make a project unique and all the worthwhile.


8.  Which was your favorite Zooppa contest to participate in? Why?

BIG ASS FANS is my first contest here on Zooppa and certainly not my last.

We had a great time producing our submission “NO EQUAL” for BIG ASS FANS but that’s not to say it didn’t pose its fair share of obstacles.

I knew from the beginning we needed a donkey, a real donkey. What I really liked about BIG ASS FANS is the brand personality and their approach to social marketing.

This helped us feel confident to move forward with our idea and pursue the contest.

We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to film “Half-pint” a great donkey who had no issues being on camera.


9.  What are you currently working on (job, films)?

I’m currently working on several independent projects and commercial productions collaborating with very talented people who share the same love and interests for story telling, cinema, and commercial media as I do.


10.  What are you hoping to achieve in the future?

I hope to grow our multimedia business by collaborating with companies large or small and producing our own films to tell the stories we want to share with the world.


11. Link us to any work/a portfolio that you would like mentioned.

Feel free to visit us at www.ThreeStudiosMultimedia.com

And our Facebook www.facebook.com/ThreeStudios

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