Zooppa Happening: meeting.

Boys and girls, Zooppers of each age, your attention please! In occasion of our first birthday we thought of our first face-to-face meeting! Wow!

A meeting, in fact a happening, where we could finally know each other personally and, maybe, make ourselves popular. A meeting (we said happening) which, for how we’re imagining, will be “on the road” and “unconventional”.
We chose a date: April 19, saturday.
We chose an approximate meeting time: around 12pm.
We chose a city: Milan.
We chose a place: Parco Sempione, near Castello Sforzesco.

During those days in Milan there will be the Design Week: Who knows it is able to say that’s one of the most important international appointments dedicated to the creativity applied to the world of companies and economics.

The city will be full of designers, creative people, graphic schools, professionals, companies, and curious people. Well, we want to be there as well, right there. But, in a special way, really zooppy. And with no limits: if you have friends, pets, husbands, sons, girlfriends… There’s room for everybody.
The organization has already begun.

For defining well everything we need to know how many of you could be of ours.

Send us as soon as possible your assents to  happening@zooppa.com
Make us dream. Write to us.

Soon we’ll update you.

P.S. Don’t use this space to communicate us your assents, do it by email!

Jasmine Moore


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