Zooppa Happening Program!

Here we are, dear Zooppers, with the so awaited Zooppa Happening program, almost official! Almost because Organization is always in ferment and maybe we’ll want you to feel new sensations in the very last moment: never rest too much when speaking of Zooppa!

First and foremost: we’ll meet at 2 pm at Parco Sempione outside Castello Sforzesco, on the side of the square. Finally all the Zooppers gathered! Kisses, hugs, introductions, etc. We know it’s a topic moment, so we’ll let you taste fully the emotion of really being there, to finally connect a real person to all those comments and works you saw on zooppa.com. Around 2.30 pm it gets serious. Arm yourselves with cameras or mobile phones and prepare yourselves to be on the move: you’ll be called to become the protagonists and to work very close to the other Zooppers. It will be probably exhausting and every hero deserves to take refreshment after fatigues. So there nothing better than the 5 pm happy hour at the bar in the park, to drink, munch, have a chat in a confident way: don’t worry, we already though up everything, all you’ll have to do is making the jaws work. Zooppa staff will be alert and careful not to let even a single crumb remaining (we’ll be in charge for the responsibility of honoring the banquet!). Around 6 pm, finally reloaded, we’ll be ready for the greetings that, we know, are always better with the belly filled. There will be those who will have to run away for the return, but for those who will stay there will be many things to see on Fuorisalone: in Milan there are a thousand of things to do!

As you can see, the gathering hours are different than that ones we had proposed in the beginning, because many Zooppers will arrive from very far to be with us. So we decided to postpone a little, to let people to arrive in time and loaded for the Zooppa Happening!

We leave you a telephone number to contact us: 334/5809522. On saturday lines will be open!

For you who didn’t communicate us your presence yet, we remind you our e-mail: happening@zooppa.com

We remind you that you may go to the Zooppa Happening accompanied by whomever you want. Bye!

P.S. Even in case of bad whether we all will meet at Parco Sempione, and from there, if necessary, we’ll passionately go to a covered place! 

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