Zooppa Honorable Mentions: AIDS is Going To Lose

The Chevron: AIDS is Going to Lose contest brought us a spectacular amount of submissions from a pool of what we consider to be the finest filmmakers out there. With only ten prizes to give out, many creative, compelling, and stunningly shot films were left unrecognized.  Because we agreed we can’t give out awards to everyone, the Zooppa office banded together, and chose an additional five of our favorite films that weren’t in the Chevron top ten.  These films surprised us, educated us, and touched us, and they were made by five exemplary filmmakers who we think deserve a shout out.  We hope you enjoy watching these Zooppa Honorable Mentions as much as we did.  Keep an eye on these filmmakers, they’re going places. These videos are not ranked, and are presented in no particular order.

Red Letter Day by Slat.  Here we have a claymation entry, which we don’t see much of around these parts, and honestly weren’t expecting in a contest about AIDS awareness, but he really brought the message home, and that’s why it’s terrific!  The characters are all uniquely crafted. Little things like North America fumbling with his notes, or the subtle eye movements that express so much really make this video stand out.

Community Support Saves Lives by interchange.  This is a compelling documentary about the Lifelong AIDS Alliance, a Washington State organization dedicated to helping people battle HIV.  The message about people working together for the common good and the emphasis on community support made this video really grab us.  We love to see these people working together for the common good.

Ashes by indianaelvis. Ashes has beautifully sung, powerful lyrics mixed with stunning cinematography and a compelling personal story. The candlelit scenes draw you in to the intimate story the protagonist is telling. It makes you feel the song as well as hear it. This is a beautiful video.

We Are the Cure by pablocev. This video is a live action personification of a depressed AIDS, and his trials and tribulations as he finds out there’s no place for him in the world anymore. The final shot, where they wrap the shoot, drives the message home, and is a great meta-message. AIDS is extra creepy in a red bodysuit. Hard to bring humor into this topic, but this video pulls it off without being disrespectful to the serious nature of the message.

Unafraid by exhileratemedia. This is a poetic piece, juxtaposing the hope of youth against the realities that befall us as life goes on. It highlights the realization even if you find yourself in circumstances you weren’t expecting, you don’t need to live afraid of that future. The cinematography brings nostalgia and stark reality face to face. The result is quite touching.

These five films are by no means the end of the quality that can be found if you watch the Chevron: AIDS is Going to Lose contest entries. There are many gems in there that deserve watching. These five videos that caught our eye here at Zooppa are fantastic. We love having these filmmakers as part of our creative community, and we hope you enjoy watching their work.

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