Zooppa Honorable Mentions Awarded for “Hut Hut Hut!” Competition!

To start off  the weekend of the Big Game right, here are the ten Zooppa Honorable Mention winners of the Pizza Hut “Hut Hut Hut” Contest. Thanks Zooppers, you did us proud with your great submissions! Also listed is our Sharing Sweepstakes winner, who gets our thanks for spreading the word far and wide about the contest.


oomph with “Pizza Hut

DannyWinnVideo with “Hut Hut Crash! (Full HD)”

reellance with “Phone it In”

MyMediaGuy with “Pan-demonium”

javismiles with “It’s not HUT if it’s not PIZZA HUT!”

rminger with “The Hall Of Fame Meeting”

Pghfilmmaker with “The Subtext”

andyhurst with “hut hut mmmm hut”

jordansovis with “Football Made Great!”

GregorK with “Say It!”



Thanks to all for your participation!

Meme E


  1. Pizza hut was not a fair competition for the early birds that turned their videos by the due date. The contest was extended twice and the rules have changed.

  2. Hi Sarah, we know that things got switched around, and sorry for the confusion. All entries were considered for awards and for the Zooppa honorable mentions, and several of our picks went to people who submitted before the original deadline.

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