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Wil Merritt, our fearless CEO here at Zooppa, was interviewed by Pro MovieMaker Magazine in their most recent issue. Check out his thoughts on collaboration and networking with Zooppa!

When is it okay to work for free and how about offering your services as a professional favor to other filmmakers?

Filmmaking requires not only a creative mind, but also the ability to network and establish credibility. There is value in working for free if there is the opportunity showcase any new skills, meet crew members, and work with headlining clientele. Filmmaking can be a difficult industry to break into, especially when you’re first getting started. Whether a seasoned professional or a beginner, the goal is to gain as much exposure as possible through various experiences and with innovative technology today, it’s entirely do-able.

Zooppa’s community is comprised of a diverse mix of professionals, talented amateurs and up-and-coming filmmakers. Everyone has unique reasons for deciding to work with Zooppa. Some earn cash awards for exceptional work, but everyone who participates has the opportunity to network with large brands and major ad agencies, improve their craft, gain visibility, contribute to passion pieces and expand their portfolio. We’ve heard of many instances where independent artists will see one another’s work on our site and work together to become a successful collaboration team. It’s a brilliant way to meet like-minded creatives with complimentary skill sets.

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