Zooppa Member of the Week: Aaron Tainter, Know Him Before He’s Famous

This weeks featured Zooppa member is a youngster known as Aaron Tainter. He’s a sophomore in college and already he has a Zooppa video contest cash prize under his belt, and a bright future ahead of him as a filmmaker, as you’ll see from the funny/engaging/informative content that he’s brought to the Zooppa table.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

“I am a college sophomore attending Iowa State University and majoring in electrical engineering. I started making films when I was really young. I remember borrowing my parent’s old hi-8 camcorder and running around the backyard with my friends, directing terrible video clips about our nerf guns. We also recorded clips from computer games and edited the footage together to make our very own short movies. It wasn’t until I got into high school that I really started to learn about cinematography. I became fascinated with movies and how directors could create the story. All I wanted to do in high school was learn how to use cameras and produce filmic images with them. I scoured the internet for countless tutorials and articles about filmmaking until I had a large wealth of knowledge about the subject. Although I decided to pursue electrical engineering as my major instead of something related to film or media, I hope to someday integrate my degree with the filmmaking world. Filmmaking is my greatest passion and I would hate to just forget about it once I am out of college. Generally, I am a very imaginative person and I love to create the things that I think of in my mind. I believe that is also why I am good at engineering – it helps me to problem solve. As Albert Einstein once said “imagination is more important that knowledge”.

Let’s hear a little more about your filmmaking experience.

“I’ve made a countless number of videos over the span of time I’ve been involved in filmmaking. I love the opportunities that filmmaking opens up to me – especially here at school. I’ve made a ton of promotional videos for different clubs and organizations around campus and just recently I got a part time job producing media for our college of engineering. Although it’s hard to balance classes and studying with filmmaking, I still try to produce as much content as I can so that I can keep advancing my skills. It doesn’t matter how good you are at something, there are always things you can improve on.”

What’s your favorite submission you’ve made to Zooppa?

“I really like my Dungeons and Dragons video for it’s cinematography, but I also like my Bookrenter’s video for its theme.”

Here’s his incredible D&D submission:

And now be wowed by his Bookrenter vid:

Do you have any tips for people about how to win a contest on Zooppa? 

“So far I haven’t really won a contest. I made 500$ off of the first video contest I entered, but I ended up getting seventh place, so I wouldn’t say that I’m the best for giving tips. But, I guess if you’re looking to win, try to make something that fits the description and would interest the judges. Personally, I like to make what I think is cool and try not to worry about the outcome. That way I’m happy about what I produce and don’t get very angry if I don’t win.”

Here’s a look at Aaron’s $500 winning video from our ACC contest.  I think he’s probably a good role-model for people who want to win.  This is quality stuff:

You can find more of Aaron’s work on his YouTube page. If you want to enter a contest of your own, check out Zooppa’s Contest Page.

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