Zooppa Member of the Week: Across the pond with DNAM1x!

App developer, movie maker, all around tinkerer! This week’s winner profile comes to us from across the pond! (That’s the Atlantic Ocean)

David Lee known to use Zoopers as, DNAM1x, is a self taught film maker. He uses homemade and DIY based equipment for his shoots, which is awesome! Keep it up David, we can’t wait to see your next entry.

Be sure to check out his winning video, and his latest app for iPhone from the link below.



Tell us a little bit about yourself.

 My name is David Lee, I live in the UK and am a Field Service Engineer by day, and a tinkerer, dabbler and thinker any other time. I like to come up with ideas and am constantly trying to jumpstart the creative side in my brain.

I happened to stumble upon Zooppa by chance actually. After being successful with some idea contest entries for the likes of Nokia and BMW, I decided to see what other contest platforms I could draw inspiration from.  One site lead me to find Zooppa and I immediately thought that this is a perfect channel for my ideas. Ive had an interest in video production but never really had the reason to take it any further.. until now. I like how the contests on Zooppa give you a specific brief and time limits. It really makes you focus your energies to try and come up with ideas.  I love how the Zooppa platform levels the playing field, so anyone with an interest and drive in film making can take part.


And how about a little of your film making experience?

 Before Zooppa, my film making experience amounted to filming my kids on my phone! Well, after Zooppa, not much has changed haha! No actually I have a bit more experience in the video editing (Aftereffects/sony vegas etc) side of things rather than the shooting, but I am constantly learning and trying to increase my knowledge. I am an amateur in the true sense of the word. My house is full of homemade light boxes and DIY greenscreen stands lol. But hopefully, maybe with a few more Zooppa wins, it would help me get some better equipment one day!


What’s your favorite project you’ve ever worked on?

 My favourite project would be ‘Gods Kitchen’ I liked the challenge of trying to fit the world into an oven! Actually, I enjoyed taking the concept to reality, The subject matter was not the norm so I enjoyed that too.


Tips for other filmmakers trying to score their first win?

 Tips? Well Im still searching for the ‘big win’ so probably not the best person to ask, but I would like to say, especially to those like myself who are just starting out, keep at it, learn as much as you can about film making techniques and production. With sound ideas, your practical skills and knowledge will just keep getting better with each entry.


What’s your favorite submission to Zooppa?

 My favourite Zooppa submission is probably ‘MHL – The Game’. Mainly because, at this stage I usually have to rope in my friends and family members to make fools of themselves act in my entries. It wasn’t easy for us to keep straight faces in the supermarket. Giving them direction is hilarious as they usually don’t see where its going, but seeing the end product makes it all worth it.


Do you have a link to a blog, YouTube channel, or any additional work?

 I am also an app developer and have recently started my own company and launched my first app ‘Smart Dresser’ – www.dna-dezign.com


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