Zooppa Member of the Week: ArmenAdamian Video Profile!

Meet ArmenAdamian, a Zoopper who has won three client awards, nine voter awards, and one special prize.  That a lot of loot for one guy.  The talent he has shines through in each and every one of his videos, and its great to watch his evolution not only as a filmmaker, but as a Zoopper as well. Check out this terrific video profile outlining his career, and then watch a few of his greatest hits from Zooppa.  And after that, head on over to his profile and start at the beginning of his submissions, and work your way to the end and you’ll be able to see his skills evolve. Then head his YouTube channel to watch more!

“You Gotta Love MHL”

“Get Your Head Straight”

“Dude, I just had a dream!”

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Meme E

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