Zooppa Member of the Week: cnisperos, A Profile of a Profiler

This weeks featured Zooppa member is none other than cnisperos, AKA Craig, whose work on Zooppa is a great example of how to film a compelling narrative with the smallest number of people as subjects: one.

A little about Craig: Seattle native. New York resident. Visual storyteller.  Student of life.  Human being.

What inspired him to become a filmmaker? Craig says: “The visual aspect of storytelling has always fascinated me.  Starting off as a photographer, I took time slices of life and developed my style of conveying purpose in stills, but there was still something missing.  I took the jump to video/film to satisfy my curiosity of saying something through images, motion and audio.  It was this marrying of photography and film that inspired me to pursue a career in film. ”

Does he have favorite submission that he made to Zooppa?  Glad you asked. “The Asad Abdul-Khaliq submission has to be my favorite Zooppa submission.  The whole process was organic from beginning to end.  After our introductions, I flipped the camera on once we started getting into him telling me about his story of an event that changed his life.  After the interview, we started having a little fun with my appreciation for the visual side of football.  Once we wrapped up, I went home and edited the video to a music track my friend made for me.  I submitted the video a few hours later.”

As a prizewinner of a Zooppa contest, we asked if Craig had any advice for aspiring contest entrants. “Read the brief, read the brief and read the brief.  Once you read the brief, read it again.  The brief gives you the tools you need, but it’s up to you to use the tools to interpret your vision.

Craig is a true visionary! Here are two of his other prime time films he created below!

If you see something familar and motivating in Craig’s films head over to check out his outside-Zooppa-portfolio to sit back, relax an watch some more! Or even go to Zooppa’s video contest page to submit your own video!

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