Zooppa Member of the Week: Jordiniman Makes Zooppa Say “Sandals!”

Jordiniman won a shopping spree in a contest for Office Depot and immediately thought there was something to this whole “video contest” thing. His win was one of the catalysts that turned a hobby into a career. Now, he owns and operates a production company specializing in web and viral media. They’ve worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies, and their primary clients come from the coasts, even though they are in the Bible Belt of Missouri. He always aims to make each spot something memorable, funny, or bizarre.

Zooppa is home of his largest win for the 3M Couple Speak Contest which you can check out below:

He’s also responsible for the whole of the Zooppa office saying “Sandals!” for the last two months of 2012. See why by watching his terrific submission to the Zappos “Celebrate the Art of Gifting” competition.

And he’s adaptable, too! If a client like Verizon needs official changes, it’s no problem for jordiniman! Watch these two videos, and see if you can see all the differences!

To see some of his other work, visit www.freckledfilmer.com. To  enter some contests yourself and see if it starts you on a career in filmmaking, go to our  video contests page.

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