Zooppa Member of the Week: My Oh My, rhunterp, What a Guy!

Ryan  is our featured community member of the week! Educated and talented, Ryan has won awards in two Zooppa contests already, and he’s only submitted twice.  He is a standout for many reasons, but one of the most obvious is how much heart he uses in his projects. Ryan has a talent for creating an emotional appeal in his films and never sticking to one genre; he also fully believes in the story.

Get excited Zooppsters for a behind the scenes look at this amazing film maker!

Tell us a little about yourself.

“Originally from Seattle, I’m a branded content and narrative film director based in Los Angeles. I got my BA in Comparative Literature from the University of Washington and an MFA in Film Directing from Chapman University. A healthy helping of comic books, literature, and new media inform my brand of visual storytelling.”

What are your experiences with filmmaking?

“I wrote and directed my first short the senior year of my undergraduate studies after a great friend of mine told me to give filmmaking a shot. Prior to that, most of my endeavors were in illustration, writing, and music. After I shot my first short, I was bit by the bug and have been shooting ever since”.

What is your favorite film or video project ever?

The most fun I’ve had on any project I’ve shot to date was on “HUNCH,” a choose-your-own-adventure mystery I wrote and directed in 2011. It is the largest production I’ve directed to date, and working on a branching narrative was a thrilling challenge. It can be seen here: www.hunchfilm.com

What is your favorite submission to Zooppa?

“My favorite submission to Zooppa so far is the one I did for Intel called “Speed.” Everything clicked when we were shooting. I was working with the cinematographer I always work with, Kai Saul, who is a close friend of mine. The actor, Roland Buck III, is also a great friend, which made the whole experience so relaxing and fun. It was great to have a fun experience for such a prominent client be rewarded”.


Do you have any tips and tricks for future contestants about how to win a contest?

“It’s all about story. Pick the projects that inspire you.”

Here is another great film and an award winner by Ryan which really demonstrates the emotional appeal he uses which connects the audience to the film!

So remember, if you feel a distinct connection with a video contest at Zooppa then go ahead and create your own video! As Ryan would say, the projects that inspire you are the ones that make great films!


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