Zooppa Member of the Week: Off the DeepEndFilms

You want funny? DeepEndFilms has got you covered. There is not one Zooppa submission under their belt that has not made me smile, or even burst out laughing. I’ve never been happier to see someone not be able to fill up ice-cube trays. Ben Wilke from Deep End Films took a quick minute to answer a few of our in-depth, gritty, hard-hitting questions.

Tell us a little about yourself.

“I went to Columbia College in Chicago for film and theater. While I was there I hung out with the film kids more and eventually took more film classes. Started Deep End Films five years ago and we have been growing ever since!”

What are your experiences with filmmaking?

“Everything from large productions, to broadcast tv, to the most low budget short weirdness you can find!”

What is your favorite film?

“‘Bottle Rocket,’ Wes Anderson’s first movie. It changed the way I saw movies and inspired me to make them my own way!”

What is your favorite submission you’ve made to a Zooppa contest?

“Our winner For Amazon Wireless ‘Tell Everyone.'”

Do you have any tips and tricks for future contestants about how to win a video contest?

“Make a rap…. j/k. Do your best, read the brief, and get in the mindset of the company.”

Here are a few more films from their Zooppa repertoire.

First up, and my personal favorite: “Nothing’s Easy” from the Margarita Cargo Mixed Drink Maker video contest.

Here’s a great idea for Secret Santa I might try. Check out this submission for the “Zappos: Celebrate the Art of Gifting” video contest.

To see more of the fun and fresh work of Deep End Films, head to their website, or check out their Facebook page or Twitter feed.

To enter a contest of your own, have a look at the Zooppa Contest Page and see what strikes your fancy.

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