Zooppa Member of the Week: OutofShot Films, AKA Shiftey

Josh Barclay, James Camali, Mark Floyd, Ron Swenton Jr, and Kevin Tewksbury by their powers combined…they are OutofShot Films!  This group of young film makers comes to us from New York and brings a bunch of great content and creativity.  The great shots, lighting, and sound effects really bring their winning video ‘Everybody’s Playing D&D Next’ together, submitted as Zooppa member shiftey!

And when they say ‘everybody’, they really mean everybody!  Watch out for their actress, Barbara, she may just kick your butt!  Also, check out the group’s YouTube page and check out the other cool stuff they have been up to!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, my name is Ron Swenton Jr and I’m a second year film student at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. I belong to a group called OutofShot Films, which produces short-films, music videos, commercials, and other videos. We also have a sketch comedy group called WhyHelloJohn, which produces short comedy segments for Youtube. Our group consists of five key members: Josh Barclay, James Camali, Mark Floyd, Ron Swenton Jr, and Kevin Tewksbury. We met each other during our first year of film school, moved into an apartment, and now we produce content together full-time.

And how about a little of your film making experience?

WhyHelloJohn has plenty of sketch comedy videos on youtube right now. Our latest video is worth checking out on our youtube page. Outofshot has made a hefty amount of short-films in the past year. Two of them are available on our youtube page, but most of them are still in editing at the moment. In addition to short-films, we’ve also made a few commercials for local businesses and contest entries on Zooppa.com. We also spend our time working on television shows and independent films, to fund our short-films and invest in better equipment.

What’s your favorite project you’ve ever worked on?

Each project is an experience more exciting than the last. We’ve built sets in studios from scratch, dropped fake corpses off buildings in bustling Chinatown, blocked up major NYC streets with homemade plywood dollies, retrofitted a giant warehouse with lighting equipment and blankets, nearly got carjacked and killed shooting a documentary, and drove a 15 passenger van of foreigners around the city 5 days straight for a popular European TV show. So in that respect we have too many amazing memories to really narrow it down. Although spending a day in the recording studio recording farts was an interesting experience…

What’s your favorite submission to Zooppa?

The D&D Next contest was a lot of fun for us, because it brought us back together after a summer-long hiatus. We filmed the D&D video in a humid 100 degree basement with no windows, using household CFL light bulbs and duct tape. It was a huge challenge for us. All of our equipment was stuck in Connecticut, so we had to get by with whatever we could find laying around. It was hot and uncomfortable, but it was a great time. We were lucky to have a friend who collects armor and swords, who came through in a pinch to supply us with some great props. Two of our people used to play D&D back in the day, so a taste of nostalgia was in the air, along with sweat and body odor.

As a contest winner, do you have any tips for other filmmakers trying to score their first win?

Having won 5th place, I don’t have any super useful advice. I guess the best advice I could give is to try to make your video entry from the heart. Your work will always be better when there is passion behind it.

To see more from this fine group of filmmakers, see their YouTube channels, Vimeo page, and Facebook page. And also check out some behind the scenes pictures from other projects they have worked on.


To enter a contest of your own, head to the Zooppa contest page.

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  1. This is awsome!!! i like the metaphoric bliss “everyone and thier grandma is doing it

  2. Really funny.. the way they had the sword and dice kinda cool. deff made me want to try this game

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