Zooppa Member of the Week: PANT1 makes Zooppa proud!

The Zooppa Mascot Challenge is officially complete and Zooppa has chosen the winner.  Last Friday, we told you how we arrived at our decision, and this week we talk to the designer himself, Filippo Marongiu, AKA PANT1, to get some insight on the man who created the terrific li’l icon you see right here.

Congratulations on your victory! Tell us something about yourself

I’m Filippo Marongiu, PANT1 art director. I’m not a “born-creative”, I’ve never designed when I was a child and I’ve found my way slowly. I approached graphic and advertising with respect, and I’m not yet sure I can be defined creative! I worked in many agencies e since 2 years I’ve made the “big jump” and now I work by myself, supported by great collaborators.

What was your thought process for the icon?

I started writting down with words what Zooppa represents for me. First of all a creative community, a place where you can meet other creatives and discuss your work. Then I moved to a possible graphic representation, with the keywords “simple” and “essential” on my mind, with few graphic elements. An informal design and soft lines allowed me to give life to the mascot.

What do you think about the idea of mascots in general?

I think it’s a way to create the right connection with the client. A funny way to be immediately recognizable. It’s primary to kindle positive emotions and usually with a mascot we get this.

What is your favorite brand logo for a web 2.0 company?

Amazon.com logo is very interesting, with a very simple and precise graphic line.

Any tips to creating a mascot you want to share with other Zooppers?

For me the sentence of Ogilvy is always worth: “Big ideas are usually simple”. The main tip I can give is to create a simple and essential design, easy to remember and capable of creating an emotional connection with the viewer.

Thanks to Filippo for answering our questions and for the great design! See more of his work on his profile page.

To enter a contest of your own, head to our contests page, and see what strikes your fancy!

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