Zooppa Member of the Week: pose2pose, The Zoopster Kid at Heart

Andy, aka pose2pose, our featured Zooppa member of the week, is full of imagination and zest. Not only is Andy a creative and talented animator, but he also is multifaceted! Andy works both regular and freelance jobs, wins the occasional award here and there and raises a family all at the same time! Zooppa picked his brain to find out more about this talented figure of film. Here is Andy in his own words…

Zooppa: Tell us a little about yourself.

Andy: “I am an animator and motion graphics artist, currently working for an advertising agency in Arizona.  I have been interested in animation ever since I was a kid, making flipbook animations by drawing in the corners of all my soft-cover Beverly Cleary books.  I completed my first animated short film at age 18, a 30-minute horror/suspense movie that in so poorly-made it’s nearly unwatchable, but it was a great learning experience.  I’ve gone on to create much better and more notable cartoons, including “Wampa” which won Best Animated Film in the Atomfilms Star Wars Fan Films awards.  In 2006, I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Animation, focusing on traditional animation and pre-production.  Since that time, I’ve worked in animation and motion graphics both full-time and as a freelancer for several different companies.  In 2008, I animated on several episodes of the “Watchmen Motion Comics” for Warner Brothers/Juice Films.  I also worked with Juice Films on a “Walking Dead” motion comic segment for AMC.  In the rare moments when I’m not working on some sort of animation, I spend a lot of time hanging out with my wife and four kids (two of which provided voices in “Our Supermom”).  We love watching movies and playing video games, and the kids love learning how to make their own cartoons on the computer–who knows, one day they may be Zooppers themselves!!”

Zooppa: What inspired you to pursue a career in film?

Andy: “I was a kid in the 80’s, which means I grew up on a steady diet of Spielberg movies, cable TV, and VHS videos.  “Star Wars” was ingrained into my soul, and “Gremlins,” “Goonies,” and the Indiana Jones movies were watched countless times.  I knew from a young age that I wanted to tell stories that combined realism and fantasy.  As a kid, I would watch the classic Disney cartoons every day on the Disney Channel, and I fell in love with the beauty, personality, and emotion in their animation–I wanted to create something that lifelike and magical.”

Zooppa: What is your favorite of your Zooppa submissions?

Andy: “I really enjoy my entry for Amazon Wireless: “The History of Buying a Cell Phone.”  It was my attempt at something old-school, like what you might see on “The Wonderful World of Disney” in the 1960’s.  I loved mimicking styles from different Classic eras of history, and it was a fun challenge to come up with a series of gags that were fast-paced, but clear to the viewer.  Like with most contests on Zooppa, I had a lot of work to do in a short amount of time, so I was pleased with the results especially given the time crunch I was in.”

Zooppa: What are some tips and tricks that you are willing to share with aspiring film makers for winning video contests?

Andy: “First of all, no matter how much time you have to spend on an entry, you should be SURE your script/concept are in good shape before you do anything else.  Even the nicest paint job won’t save a clunker of a car. Second, I know from personal experience, bad sound recording can hurt the production. Third, tailor your concept to the time you have available.  On one contest, I made the mistake of planning an epic video that I didn’t have nearly enough time to accomplish, so I had to scale it back and it turned out mediocre.  On the other hand, with “Our Supermom,” I knew I only had a couple of days to put something together, so I chose a simple concept (kids talking about their mom) that was matched by a simple style (cut-out animation that looks like it was made by kids) that could be quickly-executed.”

Check out two more of Andy’s creative films below!

“Our Supermom”

“Share my Imagination with the World”

See more of Andy’s work here and here.

Check out Zooppa’s video contest page to find more entertaining videos or to submit one yourself!

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