Zooppa Member of the Week: UpNextStudios, A Blazing Brotherhood

Graham and Alan Forbes are two exceptionally creative brothers making their way around the world through the use of film! Right now they reside in Scotland but also travel a fair amount! Their films are like chameleons, adapting to whatever audience they’re created for or idea they are trying to sell. Find out how these two created their brother to brother film connection and learn more about how they have accomplished their dreams!
 Tell us a little about yourself.
 “About 4 years ago we opened our own recording studio working on music for video games, adverts, jingles and occasionally bands and musicians. While we enjoyed working with audio we also had a passion for film making and had made dozens of music videos, web clips and short films, pretty much as a hobby. With the advent of affordable, high quality HD camera’s, DSLR’s and hybrids like the AF100, we decided it was time to take filmmaking more seriously and began offering our services to business and people in the UK”.
 What are your experiences with filmmaking?
“We have been quite successful over the past couple of years and have worked on hundreds of commercial film projects for big companies, sports teams, charities and performers. Our experiences have been varied but overwhelmingly positive. Budgets are often too tight, time often too short but in general we seem to get the shots we need.
Film contests are great fun because they give you a chance to work on films for different topics and products that you might never get too otherwise. Since you never know if you will win a prize you have to be really careful with your budget and creative in what you do. It’s challenging but if you win it really is a great achievement”.
What is your favorite film you’ve ever made? 
“We have worked on so many it is hard to pick a favourite but some highlights have included: abseiling from a church spier with a helmet cam, filming on a speedboat on Loch Lomond, filming with 1920’s style dancers and filming in China. Our documentary for Siemens on Food Waste felt like an important project and to be part of the Rio +20 summit was amazing. Our favourite short film is called ‘Checkout’. We made it earlier this year, it’s a noir thriller and it is currently playing at some film festivals around the world”.
Most exciting question, what is your favorite Zooppa submission?
 “We have submitted many films to Zooppa now and I think our favourite is probably the ‘Tech Deck Boardroom’ film. It features Alan and the UK’s number one ranked fingerboard expert who we arranged to travel from England to visit us for a days filming. The song was one we recorded and produced with a local band and it fit the brief just perfectly. It’s a fun film that also features some amazing fingerboarding skills. It is also the first time we won first place in a contest.

Graham also really loved their ‘Intel Research’ film which was about using intell computers for cancer research. According to Graham “It didn’t win a prize but I think it was a powerful little film and we’re quite proud of it.”

Their top tips and tricks?!?
1) Read the brief! Try to make what is actually being asked for. Make it the right length and about the right thing.
2) Sound! audio is as important as video and can make or break a film, I want to hear clearly what is being said. Also don’t waste your time making a great film and then add a song by Rhainna or Rage Against the Machine, you don’t have the copyright so don’t use it!
3) Follow the rules! Read the rules and get the technical stuff down before starting to film, it’ll save you a big headache later”.
If you are craving more from this dynamic duo check out their Zooppa profile page or their own website.  If you are interested in creating and submitting your own movies go to Zooppa!

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