Zooppa on Zooppa Competition Starts May 15th!

Here’s a challenge for all you Zooppers! What’s the best answer to the question, “Why do brands need Zooppa?”

The biggest creative community, you say? The most original concepts? The best viral distribution?

Okay… So there may not be any one best answer. There’s just too many good reasons for brands to choose Zooppa for all their marketing needs.

So here’s the challenge: Put your answer on film and submit it to our brand new Zooppa on Zooppa competition.

We’re putting up a pretty passel of prize money for this one, including a special prize for the best music video or song.

So strap on your keytars and tune up your Casios, polish your lenses and double check your F-stops… Ladies and gentlemen, it’s filmmaking time!

This competition runs from Friday May 15th until July 12th.

Meme E

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