Zooppa Outtakes: UpNextStudios, Betfair, and Jaffa Cakes

Every now and again, when you film something, you just can’t stop laughing.  These are the greatest moments ever, better than any finished product.  Some people tire of these gag reels at the end of movies.  I tire of the movie before the gag reel.  It’s only good for context.

Okay, I may be overstating my case a bit.  Movies are terrific, and gag reels are a fun bonus, but they make me giggle like a little kid.

Zoopper UpNextStudios had a bit of fun filming their Betfair ad last year, and here’s a little background on the vid you’re about to watch.   “We had this idea for the Betfair ad with Shannon making all sorts of nonsense bets with her flatmate, Jade. Shannon’s favourite biscuit is a ‘Jaffa Cake’, don’t think they are available in the USA but they are an orange jelly, chocolate sponge kind of thing, pretty tasty! So Shannon volunteered to help with this video on the condition she could have the packets of Jaffa Cakes we didn’t use at the end. She managed to stuff about 5 or 6 in her mouth in one go, pretty good, and then manage to act too!”


Do you have any outtakes you want to share from a piece you did for a Zooppa Video Contest?  Send an email to support@zooppa.com and we’ll see if we can get it on the blog!

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