Zooppa Partners with Raindance Film Festival

RD blogDear Zooppers,

We have some fantastic news that we just cannot wait to share with you. We have officially added the Raindance Film Festival to our list of creative partners!

Yes, one of the most important independent film festivals is partnering with us and this is a great chance to connect filmmakers, advertising professionals, brands and film lovers! We’re very excited to have Raindance assist us in our goal to provide talented creatives with opportunities to work with great brands so that you can develop your portfolio, receive amazing awards and grow your reputation in the film industry.

If you didn’t know, Raindance was founded by Elliot Grove in 1992 as a film training course. One year later the festival was officially launched and since then it continually provides film courses on top of the festival itself. The Raindance Film Festival aims to show the very best in new independent cinema from around the world and specializes in first-time directors and discovery.

Created by filmmakers and for filmmakers, the festival quickly received some of the hottest new talent to hit the cinematic scene. Some Raindance premiered hits include Pulp Fiction, Memento, the Blair Witch Project, Ghost World, Love Exposure and many others.

Raindance also operates as a film school offering training courses and networking events in major cities like London, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Budapest, Berlin and Brussels.

This year, the festival will take place in London from September 24th to October 5th.  The Festival accepts films of all lengths and genres, and is committed to showing the boldest and most innovative work, as well as pieces which challenge the boundaries of filmmaking.

If you missed the early dates for submitting your film, don’t worry, you have until the 20th of June to do so: http://raindancefestival.org/submissions-2014/ – Now hurry up!


Check the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpJcT9XD6UQ

Website: http://raindancefestival.org/

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