Zooppa Staff Shows Their Breakfast Love in Honor of IHOP Video Contest

What happens when you launch a contest for a place that serves awesome breakfast? I’ll tell you: Everybody in the office wants to go get awesome breakfast.

We here at Zooppa aren’t eligible to win breakfast for a full year in the “IHOP. Everything You Love About Breakfast.” Contest, so we convinced our CEO Wil to buy us breakfast at least for one day, just to get a small taste of what the contest winner will be enjoying. It was delicious. We also tried to get him to give us each an extra $1000, but for some reason or another, we were unable to convince him.

But you filmmakers/singers/breakfast-enthusiasts still have a shot at all kinds of Rooty Tooty goodness for a year, and a $1000 top cash prize from Zooppa! Check out the contest here, and submit your interpretation of the new IHOP anthem! Contest ends on July 2nd!

Meme E

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