Zooppa Sunday Funnies: We’re Number 2!

Welcome to the Sunday Funnies, Zooppers! In this week’s installment, let’s look at past award winners who were oh-so-close to taking the top prize, but were beat out by someone else. We’re talking about those fabulous guys in second place.

Now, let’s be honest, second place isn’t a bad place to be. Sure you missed out on the top prize, but you’re still getting something, right? And don’t listen to Mr. Ricky Bobby. He might tell you that if you’re not first, you’re last. Well, last place doesn’t win anything, but second place does.

So here are some of our favorite number twos!

Here is the second place winner for the Pepto Bismol contest sent into us by Petemack.

This second place winner, for the Jones Soda video contest, was sent to us by Simon1.

Second place winner Tallmidgets31 sent us this video for the Horizion Milk video contest.

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