Zooppa Sunday Funnies: Zombies

The Zooppa community has a lot of talent.  They are creative, intense, terrific storytellers, great salespeople, and one more very important thing: they’re funny.  So, today we are launching a new feature, the Zooppa Sunday Funnies.  A sampling of three funny videos made for a Zooppa contest, posted every Sunday.

To start us off, since it’s almost Halloween, let’s kick it off with some zombies!

Coming to us from the Got Milk “It’s Just Not Breakfast Without Milk” competition, here’s Zooppa member cantioco with Zombie Apocalypse

Next up, from our first Matching Donors competiton, here’s shiftey with Don’t Donate Your Organs to Zombies.

And finally from our Windows Phone 7 contest, here’s Drywater with Office Zombies.

Meme E

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