Zooppa Teams Up with Association of Strategic Marketing

The Association of Strategic Marketing (ASM) is teaming up with Zooppa as our newest Industry partner. ASM is a professional development website for marketing professionals that provides unique, up-to-date training opportunities through audio conferences, seminars, webinars, and articles.

Committed to the specific educational needs of its members, ASM offers best practices and meaningful insights on marketing innovations. Zooppa looks forward to sharing our thought leadership on the crowdsourcing space with the ASM community.

To receive a taste of the content “Fan” the ASM Facebook page and download a free copy of Toby Bloomberg’s “Social Media Marketing GPS” a compilation of Twitter interviews with forty leading marketers from around the world.

Bloomberg’s project provides instruction on how to leverage social media to create healthy business relationships using the voices that are shaping the industry—all in segments of 140 characters or less.

At Zooppa, we’re always looking for knew opportunities to expand our knowledge and share strategies with social media professionals, and we’re looking forward to learning from the ASM community to develop new practices and fine-tuning ones we already use.

As social media evolves as a marketing tool, look to ASM for training options and information to keep employees and individuals up to speed with current trends.

Check out the full list of our industry partners.

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