Zooppa Tips: 5 Things You Probably Did Not Do but Should Have

“We Want YOU to win a video contest”

Unfortunately the “Upload” button is not a “distribute to everyone who might be interested” button. There are a lot of things that you will need to do if you don’t want your video to get lost in a sea of submissions. The following are five easy ways to dramatically improve your chances at having a large viewership for your video.

5. Write an Effective Video Description: Many users submit half-hearted descriptions of their videos. Often these descriptions will only say something like: “This is my video about the contest.” The description is your chance to provide additional information you want people to know about the video. I am actually going to be dedicating an entire post to writing the video description next week, so keep an eye out for that.

4. Write a Catchy Title: This should be so obvious, yet even some of the most talented filmmakers on Zooppa still name their film after the contest. Even if the contest has a really cool name, do not call it that! Why? Everyone else does! You will blend right in and not stand out. Make it catchy. Make it link-bait. You worked hard on your video, so give it a title worthy of what was produced.

3. Respond to Comments: The comments section is a place for you to engage with your peers and discuss the merits of a film. If someone tells you they like what you have done, at least thank them. Ideally you open up the conversion by saying something like: “Thanks for the comment! Did you have a favorite part? I am still learning about film making and would like to know which of my techniques are most effective.” If you don’t have someone to interact with, see item #1.

2. Choose an Inviting Overlay:I can’t count the number of videos that go up without a video overlay and are just a black frame. This is totally unacceptable if you want to get your video watched. It doesn’t even have to be from the film. Taking a screenshot of your most attractive actor is a proven way to get clicks. Don’t be ashamed of doing something like this. I know you want the art to speak for itself, but it can’t do that if nobody is watching it.

1. Collaborate With Actors: This last piece of advice is the real gem of the bunch and is the least utilized strategy for getting noticed I am aware of. Many films involve five or more actors, yet typically the only one involved with the contest is the one who uploaded it. Your actors should be your #1 supporters! Write each one of them a quick email. You can use this as a template:

Hey [actor], thanks for acting in my film this past weekend, it was so much fun. The final cut is done and I have uploaded it. I am now trying to create some buzz around the video and improve my chances for winning the competition. Can you please help me out by commenting on the video about why you think it is an effective video for the client’s purposes? I would really appreciate it and I would be happy to take you out to dinner if I win! Here is the [link] for your convenience.

That’s all for this week!


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